How does your service work?

We always start with a no-obligation meeting with a prospective client, and take the time to fully understand your business issues.  We have some standard checklists to help you clarify your objectives and current proposition to consumers and advertisers, and assess how well your current website is delivering against these objectives.  We’ll agree the key business issues in that first meeting.

We’ll then come back with a written proposal outlining a number of options.  These could include a detailed review of your website, benchmarking against competitors, creating a set of recommendations for discussion,  running a workshop with your team to gain their support or creating a detailed project plan.

If there are areas where we feel you need specialist support, we’ll recommend experts we have worked with before.  See our network page for more details.  You are of course free to select your own suppliers.  We also offer a project management service, working with your team and suppliers to deliver your digital strategy.


Do you only work with media businesses?

We believe that in the digital environment all businesses are becoming media businesses, as they seek to provide useful content to their customers and build a community.  With our long experience of successful media businesses we can advise you on how to make the most of these opportunities.

Where is Penmaen and what is the connection with your business?

Penmaen means “rocky headland” in Welsh and there are several Penmaen’s in Wales.  My Penmaen is in the Gower peninsula, an area of outstanding beauty just beyond Swansea.  From the tiny village of Penmaen, just under the long hill of Cefn Bryn, the headland of Penmaen stretches out into the Bristol Channel, overlooking the beautiful Three Cliffs Bay.  This beach often appears on lists of the most beautiful places in the UK, with its three jagged peaks, soft golden sands, winding river that floods and ebbs with the exaggerated tides of the Bristol Chanel, and a ruined castle.  This was the site of Neolithic settlement, and a Norman Castle, with commanding views over Oxwich Bay.  I find this an inspiring place, in a permanent state of change as the tide sweeps in and out.

My great-great grandfather, John Clement, from Oxwich Bay, married Margaret Morris in Penmaen Church in 1862.  She had inherited land nearby from her aunt.  John Clement became a captain in 1870 and skippered many ships in the following two decades, as part of the copper trade between Swansea and Chile, involving annual perilous voyages around Cape Horn, to bring back copper to smelt with Swansea coal.  He was a rather romantic figure, who took his wife on some voyages, leaving their children with a housekeeper.  He was shipwrecked, and then rescued in the mid Atlantic in 1878, and finally died of yellow fever in 1889, and was buried in the English cemetary in Rio.

 He started a seafaring tradition in my family; my great-grandfather and my grandfather were also master mariners, and I enjoy dinghy sailing and yacht racing in my leisure time. The adventurous spirit of the 19th century seafarers and their willingness to brave the annual journey to Chile with very limited instruments, makes today’s uncertain business environment seem relatively benign. 

In helping modern day business owners navigate the treacherous waters of today’s climate I am frequently inspired by the skill and persistence of my forbears. If your question isn’t answered, please contact us for more details

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