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How our digital strategic advice service works

Does your digital strategy need a review?

Penmaen Media builds a tailored digital media strategy for media brands.

We have particular expertise in working with media businesses, but believe that digital technology turns many businesses into online publishers, and they need help to acquire new digital media skills.




Our digital strategic advice service is flexible, driven by your business needs.


We can help you answer questions such as:


  • How can I build on the strengths of my media brand online without cannibalising my current business?
  • What should my digital proposition be?
  • How can I drive digital revenues from readers and advertisers?
  • How can I attract and retain new customers?
  • What skills and resources do my team need to deliver this change?
  • What can I learn from other media businesses?


Read the Penmaen media blog for ideas and tips on digital publishing and marketing.

Read our project stories to find out more about the projects we have worked on.

How do we work?

We start with a no-obligation consultation to understand your business and the current issues. You can then request a project proposal or our long term strategic advice service.

digital strategic advcie

Project proposal

From the initial briefing meeting we will create a bespoke project proposal, which may include:

  • carrying out customer research or benchmarking competitors
  • agreeing strategic priorities with you
  • facilitating strategic workshops with your own team
  • creating a detailed implementation plan

We work collaboratively, ensuring that the strategy uses your unique advantages, will deliver the revenues you require, and can be implemented by your team.

Project proposals have clear objectives and deliverables, an agreed timetable and a fixed fee.  A project could involve as little as 5 days of consultant time or could run over several months, with separate phases of work.

We can bring in experts from our network to meet your exact requirements, and help you project manage launches, and relaunches.

We can also carry out acquisition searches and help you integrate acquisitions into your current business.

We can work with your own team to integrate acquisitions or launch new media products, and help set them up to run the business alone.

Long term digital strategic advice

If you need advice and support on your digital media strategy over the longer term, perhaps because you are making significant changes to your media business or you are seeking an external investor or buyer, we can provide a longer term ongoing service.  This could be for 12 months or several years.

We will work with you to create a tailored and flexible programme based on your strategic objectives covering 12 to 48 days a year which could include:

  • Strategic discussions with MD on opportunities and challenges
  • 1-1s with key staff on their strategic issues and the technical and operational obstacles they face
  • Analysis of internal data and curation of relevant external case studies and best practice
  • Facilitated group workshops to creatively develop solutions to key challenges and set priorities for action
  • Introductions to peers facing similar challenges to share best practice
  • “Critical friend” review of your proposals, individual market strategies and budgets
  • Ad hoc calls and emails to talk through specific issues


Our long term digital strategic advice service provides you with access to a wide range of external case studies and best practice, plus a significant network of peers and digital media experts, all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time strategic digital director.

This service can be provided on a consultancy basis, or as a Non-Exec Director of your media business.

To find out how we can help you grow your revenues, just contact us.

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