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B2B Media Strategies – 12 principles for digital transformation

Friday, December 11th, 2015

How can you transform a traditional B2B print publisher into a digital-first professional information provider? I chaired the B2B Media Strategies event in London on 9 December, where the speakers – from Penton, Bonnier, Centaur and IDG had very impressive stories to tell, shifting the balance of revenues significantly from print to digital.


So what have these companies learnt about digital transformation – and how can other B2B publishers apply these lessons? Here’s my take on 12 principles for reinventing your B2B media business. (more…)

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How publishers can side-step ad blockers: 10 ideas

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

While b2b publishers can charge high prices for premium subscription services, or make money from marketing paid conferences, it’s always been harder for consumer publishers to extract as much cash from their digital audiences.

Most have until now focussed on advertising-funded models, but with the growth of online ad inventory from the likes of Facebook and the resulting collapse in CPMs, that’s no longer enough.  And now the next nail in the consumer advertising coffin is ad blockers – for large publishers this is reducing their available audience quite severely. (more…)

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