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Breaking and remaking business media

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

This article was first published in In Publishing magazine

The digital revolution came early and abruptly for business to business publishers, excising lucrative recruitment advertising and undermining the traditional print controlled circulation model.  Mobile, tech savvy, cost focussed, disloyal business executives were quick to seek free sources of content and take advantage of new free or low-cost digital tools to gain relevant market insights or make new connections.

So business to business media organisations, once the gatekeepers of business-critical news and information, have had to re-examine their business sharpish, or risk extinction.  Those that have already emerged successfully from this traumatic period have reinvented themselves as subscription driven business intelligence sources, orchestrators of specialist international professional communities, or smart providers of commercial marketing solutions.

Which means there is plenty to learn from these pioneers for publishers a little further behind in the digital evolutionary curve. (more…)

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10 ideas for next generation B2B media

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

B2B media were first into the digital melting pot, and are now emerging with some inventive new business models.  I picked up some interesting ideas and practical tips from the Business Media Insights conference last week. Here are ten of the best insights from the day – applicable I believe to a wide range of markets… (more…)

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