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Navigating the future of B2B Media: 10 practical strategies

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Business to business media is in a state of flux, with subscribers and advertisers’ own businesses changing fast thanks to technology and internationalisation. The organisations formerly known as B2B publishers are having to reinvent themselves as information services, networking facilitators, lead generators and marketing solutions consultants.

Where are the nuggets of future value in this more complex environment for B2B media? How should publishing leaders be evolving their brands?

Over this year I’ve been working with several B2B publishers on aspects of their digital strategy, and also interviewed ten B2B leaders as part of a research project for Merit Group. This article summarises my observations on how to create long term value in B2B media. (more…)

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Seven ways to reinvent your media business in 2014

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Just a few years ago, media and publishing seemed simple.  Create great editorial, wrap it up into a magazine, send it out to your readers and sell some advertising.  Digital media felt like a bit of a sideshow – it was fine to dabble a little, but it wasn’t a big profit generator.

But now many established media brands are moving away from print altogether – for example Lloyds List has just successfully gone 100% digital, AutoTrader published its last print edition in June.

And with this shift to digital media the landscape changes: everything is apparently measurable, and the definition of the purpose of a media brand is more blurred: instead of just creating content, are you advising people on buying decisions, helping business people gain advantage, fostering networking in an industry or community?

From enjoying a protected market, media organisations are now competing with government, consultancies, retailers, agencies, brands, trade associations and self-organised communities.

So how can the organisation formerly known as a publisher reinvent itself and thrive in 2014 and beyond?  Here’s seven core principles that I believe will enable a smoother transition. (more…)

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Five megatrends for 2013 that publishers can’t ignore

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

How will your publishing business evolve in 2013?  Here’s five megatrends that you must include in your plans for this year – and some suggestions for what you can do about them…


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How to plan an effective e-newsletter campaign

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

In these days of blogs and twitter, are old-fashioned email newsletters outdated?  Or can you carefully craft a tortoise that will creep in among the hares and build a closer relationship with your customers that results in higher revenues?  (See my other post on How to create a club for your best customers)Well I believe that if you have a quality list and can create great content then email is still worth considering.  It’s also low cost and easy to test.  Here are five tips to help you plan your campaign: (more…)

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How to drive value from a digital archive

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Print publishers are often sitting on an unexploited asset – their archive.  If they have been the authority in a particular field for decades, they will have built up a fabulous collection of images, reviews, comment and news that is of interest to enthusiasts and researchers.  But it’s often languishing in boxes due to the imagined high cost of digitising it.  There are now an increasing number of services for putting print or PDFs online in a low cost, and importantly searchable format.  Here are five ideas for how you can monetise your archive to help you justify the investment. (more…)

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Ideas for collecting emails on a b2b site

Monday, January 19th, 2009

New leads are the lifeblood of a b2b business – for promoting subscriptions, conferences, events and data services.  Here are 5 ideas for providing value to your site visitors in return for their contact details and preferences. (more…)

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Five ideas for collecting email addresses

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

As a media owner, you already know the value of collecting email addresses – for your email newsletter, to cross-promote subscriptions, events, offers.  But these days people are more canny about providing a valid address.  Here are 5 ideas for offering value to visitors to your site that just might tempt them to provide their details… (more…)

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