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Creating online subscription content: 5 ideas for niche publishers

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

As online ad yields decline, and audiences expect industry news to be free, business publishers are increasingly investigating online content subscriptions.  Recent research for the specialist Media Show revealed that 59% of online publishers are already charging for online content, and many are achieving subs rates of over £100pa.  But how can a niche b2b publisher on limited resources create some high value online content for paying subscribers or members?  Here are 5 ideas to spark your creativity when budgets are tight.   (more…)

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Online subscriptions secrets of a media pioneer

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Developing a content-based online subscription business is the holy grail for many specialist publishers.  The latest winner of the Media Pioneers awards, organised by the Specialist Media Show to recognise innovative and entrepreneurial media businesses, has quietly established a community of paying subscribers who visit her site at least weekly.  Read on to discover her experiences and learn tips for your own subscription business… (more…)

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What makes a compelling consumer online membership package?

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Many media businesses who publish content online for free are investigating subscription or membership packages as a way to drive revenue from their online content.  It’s a bit easier for b2b publishers who can build research reports or databases or workflow tools, and are also dealing with businesses with a defined budget for information, research or lead generation.  So is anyone succeeding in consumer markets?  I’ve found a few examples, and identified five key elements that appear to be adding value to membership packages.  What unites them is that online content alone is not enough.  And discounts on products and services are expected to be offered as part of the deal.  So here’s some ideas for how to add real value to the package: (more…)

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Bring your brand to life – events insights for media businesses

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Traditional media businesses are increasingly taking their brands into live events – whether big consumer shows at the NEC or niche conferences.  But this requires a whole new set of skills to acquire.  I recently brought together a group of events organisers and publishers who are making print, events and digital work together – they are the speakers for the events session at the Specialist Media Show on 25 May at Exec Peterborough.  Here are some of the insights from Trevor Foley of tfconnect, Claire Jenkinson of RBI conferences, Peter Harris of Centaur, Mark Elliott of Time Out and Andrew Mercer of Exec Peterborough.  (more…)

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What online content will people pay for?

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

All online publishers, whether they have a traditional print business or not,  are busy searching for the perfect online business model. The consensus appears to be that they need a mix of free content to attract users/readers/customers, and some premium paid-for content. But how can they categorise their content to work out what can be charged for? I’ve assembled five categories, based on a range of examples from traditional and online-only publishers. I’m indebted to Miles Galliford of subhub, whose post on this topic is worth reading, and also to Iain Nicol and Mark Bishop who contributed to the discussion on the Specialist Media Network.  So what content will people pay for? (more…)

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The future for subscriptions

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Magazine publishers have long thought of subscriptions as an easy way to get their print products delivered to their most frequent customers, and a handy source of upfront cash.  My belief is that subscriptions will be key to the future growth of magazine brands – and there are plenty of lessons to be learnt by other media businesses.  Here are five predictions, and ideas for how you can exploit them now: (more…)

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How to create value from a website for a free publication

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Publications that already sell print subscriptions have an obvious revenue source from their online activity, but what do you do if your print business is free distribution and ad-funded?  Here’s some ideas to get you thinking differently about how you can create value: (more…)

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