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What next for digital magazines?

Friday, December 2nd, 2016


Six years ago the iPad launched and was hailed as the answer to falling print magazine circulation, enabling a digital edition to be available anywhere in the world. Publishers rushed to set up magazine apps, principally PDF replicas, although some invested in bespoke interactive editions. But many have struggled since to grow digital sales, be discovered on the app store and to develop advertising revenue.

Some former print publishers have been successful, with The Economist and The Week both enjoying strong digital subscription sales. And brand publishers are finding that digital editions provide them with international reach and greater customer loyalty. But digital only magazine launches are finding profits elusive, and many established print magazines are seeing sliding digital circulations.

Among the finalists in the 2016 Digital Magazine Awards are plenty of innovative publishers finding a large audience, but many digital magazines are still struggling. What has changed since the optimism of 2010 and how can we learn from the winners? There were plenty of alternative viewpoints shared at the Future of Magazine Media conference, from The Economist, John Brown, National Theatre and others.


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Next generation digital magazines: 10 evolutionary trends

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Digital magazines are finally diverging from their print siblings, and evolving into a new, more interactive and tactile medium.  The finalists for the 2014 Digital Magazine Awards have largely left print replicas behind, and are merging graphics, animations, audio, video, data and user content in with traditional long form feature articles, to create products that engage readers more in the style of interactive games or TV programmes than print derived page-turners.

So what are the key trends in the evolution of the next generation of digital mags?


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16 tips for winning digital magazines

Monday, December 10th, 2012

How are digital magazines changing?  As a judge for the 2012 Digital Magazine awards, over the last few weeks I’ve read (viewed?) twenty different digital magazines from around the world and seen how inventive publishers have been using the potential of tablets to inform, amuse and engage their readers (or should that be audiences?).

While I remain a strong advocate of smaller publishers starting out with simple replicas for mobile devices, once you have a little more confidence – and budget – there’s so much more that can be done when traditional magazine content meets mobile devices.  Here’s my top 16 tips for the ambitious digital magazine: (more…)

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