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10 smart digital media strategies

Friday, March 11th, 2016


With dramatic shifts in how digital media is consumed, how can publishers evolve their digital strategy to keep up, or even to stay in business? I spent two days at Digital Media Strategies listening to a wide range of old and new media businesses sharing their experiences, from Washington Post to Al Jazeera, and from Schibsted to The Economist. This article is my take on the most important trends and smartest digital media strategies. (more…)

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5 reasons the Times paywall won’t work

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

There’s been lots of debate and frantic calculations following the Times’ announcement of a £2 a week paywall.  Listening to the views of members of the Specialist Media Network I’m pretty convinced it isn’t going to attract a large audience, and isn’t going to revolutionise the newspaper business model.  So here’s my five reasons the Times online paywall won’t work: (more…)

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Future of publishing according to Tim Brooks and Stevie Spring

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

At Publishing Expo in London last week there was a rather ambitiously titled debate on “The Future of Publishing”. The star turns were Tim Brooks of The Guardian and Stevie Spring of Future. James Hanbury of Incisive was also there, but had few chances to contribute against his more voluble peers. Aside from the enjoyable banter, of which the most memorable soundbite was Stevie referring to the Guardian as “vanity publishing”, there were some interesting observations about the next step for print publishers. The overall mood was upbeat, with all panellists relishing the challenge ahead, but in full knowledge that print will be a far smaller part of the overall mix in a few years’ time. Here’s my take on the major insights: (more…)

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Reinventing online content for publishers

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

There’s been much debate in the last week on charging for content.  Newspapers like the Guardian that were previously adamant that all their content should be free, are now thinking about charging for specific information to targeted groups, eg media guardian.  The continued pressure on advertising revenue is forcing newspaper and magazine publishers to make dramatic cuts in editorial.  I’ve been thinking about how publishers can reinvent the way they think about creating content, and restructure their editorial investment accordingly.  See my earlier post on paid-for content for some extra tips. Here’s some radical ideas on inverting the traditional pyramid of editorial investment, with news as the broad base, and a small amount of added value content at the top: (more…)

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Learning from The Guardian’s web strategy

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Yesterday I listened to Tim Brooks talking about the web strategy for Guardian News and Media.  Now Tim is probably in the most enviable position of any media executive, with the backing of the Scott Trust, and having just moved to modern premises at King’s Place, but I think his views – which were, as ever, very strongly expressed – have relevance to those of us with much more modest budgets…. (more…)

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