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What digital news trends mean for specialist media businesses

Sunday, August 19th, 2018

The annual Digital News Report by the Reuters Institute for the study of journalism (RISJ) is a comprehensive look at trends in online news across the world. Whilst news itself is a specific discipline, I have found that people’s behaviour in consuming digital news content provides clues for future trends that will affect all media businesses. To save you reading the full 144 page report, these are my main insights for specialist publishers planning their digital strategy.



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How publishers are getting into conversation with chatbots and messaging

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Quartz chat app

Messaging apps are taking over the mobile internet, with rapid growth outpacing established social networks. Users like to communicate within a closed group, and notifications pop up on the lock screen, which is now functioning as the “new inbox.” Brands are starting to use simple chatbots for customer service, and it seems people like the more informal chat style interface.

Publishers, especially in news, are already experimenting with chatbots and using messaging platforms for distribution. Whilst revenues are currently limited, this is a channel that warrants further exploration. (more…)

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