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Seven new digital business models for media owners

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Future plc revenue sources

Publishers are exploring a range of new business models to reduce their reliance on advertising, grow digital revenues and develop multiple revenue sources. Some are focussing on subscriptions and other premium paid services, others exploring e-commerce and affiliates, or reinventing their approach to advertising.

Below are seven approaches to new digital business models with examples from the speakers at the Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin:


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10 new ways to think about your media business in 2016

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

So what exactly is a media business supposed to look like in 2016? There has been a continuous evolution over the last few years from words, articles, and products in a defined market, funded by display ads, to a multi-channel, rich content intelligence and information service for a defined audience, funded by subscriptions and lead generation and content marketing solutions.

Which ideas should guide your thinking about how your media business develops? Here’s my top ten for the next year, gathered from some of the more inspiring discussions I have heard over recent months….


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7 steps to building a lucrative B2B paid content business

Monday, October 5th, 2015

With advertising increasingly elusive, and now under threat from ad blockers, most B2B media organisations are rightly focussing on building a range of paid digital content options for their audience.

The key to developing new revenue streams is truly understanding the information that the audience requires to do their job better, be more successful and save time and money. Then the skill is repackaging the content that you already own, or collating content that you don’t, and presenting it in a relevant and useful digital form.

Later this month I’m running a round table discussion at the European Information Industry Network Conference, where I’ll share some approaches to paid content that are already proving successful for other media and publishing businesses. (more…)

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How publishers can side-step ad blockers: 10 ideas

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

While b2b publishers can charge high prices for premium subscription services, or make money from marketing paid conferences, it’s always been harder for consumer publishers to extract as much cash from their digital audiences.

Most have until now focussed on advertising-funded models, but with the growth of online ad inventory from the likes of Facebook and the resulting collapse in CPMs, that’s no longer enough.  And now the next nail in the consumer advertising coffin is ad blockers – for large publishers this is reducing their available audience quite severely. (more…)

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